Monday, October 10, 2011

Object Lessons in the Bible

This is what I lightheartedly refer to as my "woefully incomplete list of object lessons on the Bible." For every one listed here, there are numerous others that are not listed. When I started looking for object lessons in the Bible, I found that the Bible was full of them--cover to cover. Matthew 13:34 states that Jesus Christ always taught the multitude by using an illustration. This teaching technique seems to be one of the primary methods that God uses to teach human beings about spiritual matters. If the Creator of our minds--who knows exactly how we learn--chooses to use this teaching tool, doesn't it make sense that using object lessons would be an effective method for teaching our children faith lessons?  For ideas about how to incorporate object lessons into a fun form of spiritual training, please read my post about Family Time Training.

Lev 16 and Heb 8-9 sacrifices and the shedding of blood 
Lev 23:42 dwelling in booths  
Josh 4 stones in remembrance 
II Sam 22:2; Ps 18:2; Is 26:4 God is a stronghold (rock, fortress)  
Ps. 69:1-2 trials compared to turbulent water  
Ps 119:103 Scriptures likened to honey 
Prov 6:6-8, 30:24-25 ant colony represents diligence 
Pr 11:22; Mat 7:6* Someone who cannot appreciate spiritual matters is compared to a pig 
Is 64:8; Jer 18:6 God’s people as clay 
Jer 5:14 God’s Word compared to fire 
Jer 13:1-11 linen girdle 
Jer 19:1, 10-11 shattered honey jars depict destruction of Judah
Jer 27:2-11 bonds and yokes 
Ezek 4:1-3; Ezek 5 illustrations on tile, shaving of head 
Ezek 24:3-14 meat boiling in pot 
Hos 1:2-9 Hosea’s marriage to a prostitute 
Mat 3:10, 7:16-20; Gal 5:22 fruit likened to spiritual maturity 
Mt 5:13* Christians are salt of the earth 
Mat 7:3*; Lk 6:41* Board illustrates blindness to your faults 
Mat 7:24-27* practicing faith like strong foundation 
Mat 9:35-38*; Lk 10:2* People ready to convert referred to as harvest 
Mat 10: 29, 31* God’s care for sparrow teaches about His care for us 
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Mat 13:19-23* 31-32* Truth compared to seeds 
Mat 17:20* faith like a mustard seed
Mat 25:32-33*; I Pet 5:2 Christians described as flocks of sheep
Lk 13:34* God’s protection like a hen gathering chicks 
John 1;29, 36 Jesus is the Lamb of God 
John 3:8* wind as example of Holy Spirit 
John 4:14* water refers to life 
John 8:12* Jesus is the light 
John 13:14-15* foot washing 
I Cor 5:6 Sin described as leaven 
I Cor 11: 24-26* broken bread and wine as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice 
Heb 4:12 God’s word like a sword 
Heb 6:8 worthless faith compared to thorns 
I Pet 5:8-9 Satan depicted as lion 

*direct quote from Jesus Christ

-List compiled from The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach by Robin Sampson, Larry Fowler's writings, and personal Bible study

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