What Pastors and Event Planners Are Saying:

"One of the most exciting ministries I've been privileged to witness--This program promises to provide outstanding benefits for parents and children.  It puts the parent in the driver's seat of the most rewarding God-given process on earth.  Stacey has the unique ability to encourage but not overwhelm parents who are just getting started in guiding the spiritual development of their children.  She also provides valuable content for parents who have been actively working at teaching discipleship to their children.  In past seminars, Stacey has developed an immediate connection with members of the audience.  People quickly sense that her message communicates realistic understanding of the pressures faced by families today.  I'm convinced Christian parents will find this program to be an answered prayer." 

"The presentation was a great success.  Stacey presented biblically and evidence based material.  She is an accomplished public speaker who knows how to engage an audience.  What I like best is the material she presented--a simple and effective way to teach children and teens about God and the Bible--so practical and useful.  It was a wonderful "how to" presentation for parents.  Stacey expresses her passion for families in a way that can effectively help others." 

What Parents and Grandparents Are Saying:

"Everything was exceptional!  Best workshop I have ever attended."

"I wanted to share how great your session was. I will be incorporating many of the activities in our ministry."

"In regard to what I learned at your presentation, I am enjoying all the benefits.  There is great impact and growth in my kids.   I wanted to thank you for providing such a down-to-earth ministry. . . . Thanks again for providing a springboard for parents to start their own hands-on teaching. "

"We need more teachers like that family night lady!"   

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the seminar you gave  . . . We have been using the Family Time Training. Two of my granddaughters didn't want want to participate at first, but as the lesson progressed, they were so excited that they wanted to be the first to answer and do the activities!  Loved it and thanks to you and to God for it. Wish I had had these tools years ago!" 

"I appreciated the real life information that I can take home with me and start trying to apply in everyday situations/experiences."

"Very practical, useful information"

"This workshop was so family oriented, interesting and life applicable"

"Video and illustrations were very helpful in bringing the topic to life."

"Helped us to be aware of our duty and our responsibility to our children."

"I received some ideas for getting started in a more structured method of spiritual training of my children, and also encouragement that it was not too late to teach them better than I have in the past."

 "Very convicting.  Practical applications for families."

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