Friday, November 11, 2011

A Gift for My Children: Scripture Memorization

I am preparing a gift for my children.  One that will have immeasurable worth.  One that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  It is the gift of scripture memorization.

I have never met a Christian adult who doesn't wish they knew more of the Bible.  Did you know that most of the Bible verses or poems an adult can recite were learned by age 10?  Memorization is a natural skill for young children, and what they learn tends to stick in long-term memory.  It's as though God has given us a window of opportunity for filling our children's minds with His word.

Pathfinder Bible Achievement 2008
Photo:  Vicki Ashton

Two tools have been very helpful as we focus on memorizing Bible scriptures.

1. Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System
We spend far less time on memory work since we've started using this system, yet the time spent is far more effective.  We've made it part of our daily routine.  During breakfast, out comes the file box with memory cards.  By reviewing consistently each morning, we only spend 5 minutes per day (or less!) and see amazing results.  I simply printed out this PDF file to use as dividers for our index cards, though I'm considering adding new dividers for quarterly review for those scriptures that have been mastered.  I print out the entire Bible verse on one side of a 3x5 index card and then write the scriptural reference on the other side.  Since my son is an independent reader, he has been able to take charge of his Bible memory file box on his own. 

2. Scriptures In Song
Ever get a song stuck in your head?  As long as we are playing music for our kids, why not add a few albums of Bible scriptures set to music.  Some of our favorites are Hide 'em in Your Heart Vol. 1 by Steve Green and Seeds of Worship.  If you like the Seeds of Worship music, there are free printables for them at their website or at Bible Story Printables.  Another classic starting point for memorizing Bible verses is using the ABC Bible verses.  26 Alphabet Bible Verse Chorus Songs are a great companion to the ABC Bible Verse printables at I Can Teach My Child.  When we find an album of scriptures in song that we like, I print off cards for each scripture and add them to our Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System.  Covenant Life Church has made free songs of Bible verses available online here so you can get started without spending a dime.  This same method can be used when memorizing entire chapters of the Bible by using resources such as those available from Thy Word Creations..

Wanting to use technology to help with the memorization of scripture?  Fighter Verses includes apps for the iPhone or Android.

What has helped your children with the memorization of scripture?  



  1. Thanks for posting this! We've been memorizing scripture for three years now but I've been wanting to go to the file system for easier review. I need to take the time to get them organized in this way. I'll be using that PDF file! It's my last year of that "window" for my oldest so now is the time to take it up a notch. :D

  2. Glad you like the idea! I printed the pages on colored paper (regular thickness) and laminated them, and the tabs are nice and sturdy. We were spending too much time on memorizing scriptures that were later forgotten, and this system totally prevents that. Every minute you spend on memorization ends up having long-term results. You'll love it!

  3. Wild and Wacky Word Songs (Gospel Publishing/Jr. Bible Quiz) are our favorites with their wide range of genres within the CDs. Some verses lend themselves to using hand signs. I'll have to check out the system you mention:)

  4. I definitely want to get the Wild & Wacky Songs for our family. I just love how their minds soak up the scriptures set to music! Someone also sent me a private message about the Bible Bee (national and local): It looks like they have some wonderful resources for scripture memorization--and there may be a local group near you where you can connect with other families and get additional support. I love how we can learn from each other!