Monday, June 18, 2012

Take The Family Challenge!


The National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP) is committed to equipping families and churches to pass on the faith to children.  Recently they announced an exciting new venture called The Family Challenge which is "part of a global initiative to motivate and train parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their own children."

The Family Challenge is based on the Bible's emphasis on the family's role in spiritual formation.  As the website states, passing on our faith "doesn't happen automatically.  Just living in your home doesn't mean your kids are catching your faith.  God designed the family to be the place where spiritual values are passed on to kids.  You are the primary spiritual trainer of your child."  The Family Challenge will show you how to achieve this extraordinary goal. 

For Parents
To guide parents through the process, the "For Parents" section explains the 3 primary methods of spiritual training based on Deuteronomy 6:6-9:

         1. Build Relationship
         2. Share Scripture
         3. Practice Faith

You are encouraged to make a formal commitment to utilizing these 3 methods with your children each week.  Resources are suggested that can further help you in this process.

For Churches
The Family Challenge website also has a "For Churches" section.  Here you can learn about ways to enhance the family ministry in your Christian fellowship.  Four levels of family ministry are described in detail: 

          Level 1 - Provide engaging children and youth ministry
          Level 2 - Offer parent training programs
          Level 3 - Empower children and parents to learn, worship, and serve together
          Level 4 - Equip parents to take spiritual leadership in their homes

Each level includes Considerations and Where To Go From Here.  Additionally, there are corresponding resources available through NCBP or other experts in family ministry.  The Family Challenge also includes a link to request a free family ministry consultation.

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So . . . .Let's Take the Challenge!